class Requests_Session {}

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Session handler for persistent requests and default parameters


Allows various options to be set as default values, and merges both the options and URL properties together. A base URL can be set for all requests, with all subrequests resolved from this. Base options can be set (including a shared cookie jar), then overridden for individual requests.


Requests_Session::__constructCreate a new session
Requests_Session::__getGet a property’s value
Requests_Session::__issetRemove a property’s value
Requests_Session::__setSet a property’s value
Requests_Session::__unsetRemove a property’s value
Requests_Session::deleteSend a DELETE request
Requests_Session::getSend a GET request
Requests_Session::headSend a HEAD request
Requests_Session::merge_requestMerge a request’s data with the default data
Requests_Session::patchSend a PATCH request
Requests_Session::postSend a POST request
Requests_Session::putSend a PUT request
Requests_Session::requestMain interface for HTTP requests
Requests_Session::request_multipleSend multiple HTTP requests simultaneously


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