class Requests_IDNAEncoder {}

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IDNA URL encoder


Note: Not fully compliant, as nameprep does nothing yet.

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Requests_IDNAEncoder::adaptAdapt the bias
Requests_IDNAEncoder::digit_to_charConvert a digit to its respective character
Requests_IDNAEncoder::encodeEncode a hostname using Punycode
Requests_IDNAEncoder::is_asciiCheck whether a given string contains only ASCII characters
Requests_IDNAEncoder::nameprepPrepare a string for use as an IDNA name
Requests_IDNAEncoder::punycode_encodeRFC3492-compliant encoder
Requests_IDNAEncoder::to_asciiConvert a UTF-8 string to an ASCII string using Punycode
Requests_IDNAEncoder::utf8_to_codepointsConvert a UTF-8 string to a UCS-4 codepoint array


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