class Requests_Cookie_Jar {}

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Cookie holder object


Requests_Cookie_Jar::__constructCreate a new jar
Requests_Cookie_Jar::before_redirect_checkParse all cookies from a response and attach them to the response
Requests_Cookie_Jar::before_requestAdd Cookie header to a request if we have any
Requests_Cookie_Jar::getIteratorGet an iterator for the data
Requests_Cookie_Jar::normalize_cookieNormalise cookie data into a Requests_Cookie
Requests_Cookie_Jar::normalizeCookieNormalise cookie data into a Requests_Cookiedeprecated
Requests_Cookie_Jar::offsetExistsCheck if the given item exists
Requests_Cookie_Jar::offsetGetGet the value for the item
Requests_Cookie_Jar::offsetSetSet the given item
Requests_Cookie_Jar::offsetUnsetUnset the given header
Requests_Cookie_Jar::registerRegister the cookie handler with the request’s hooking system


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