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File: wp-includes/class-pop3.php

    function reset () {
        //  Resets the status of the remote server. This includes
        //  resetting the status of ALL msgs to not be deleted.
        //  This method automatically closes the connection to the server.

            $this->ERROR = "POP3 reset: " . _("No connection to server");
            return false;
        $reply = $this->send_cmd("RSET");
            //  The POP3 RSET command -never- gives a -ERR
            //  response - if it ever does, something truly
            //  wild is going on.

            $this->ERROR = "POP3 reset: " . _("Error ") . "[$reply]";
            @error_log("POP3 reset: ERROR [$reply]",0);
        return true;

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