PO::export_to_file( string $filename, bool $include_headers = true ): bool

Same as {@link export}, but writes the result to a file


$filename string Required
Where to write the PO string.
$include_headers bool Optional
Whether to include the headers in the export.

Default: true

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bool true on success, false on error

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File: wp-includes/pomo/po.php. View all references

public function export_to_file( $filename, $include_headers = true ) {
	$fh = fopen( $filename, 'w' );
	if ( false === $fh ) {
		return false;
	$export = $this->export( $include_headers );
	$res    = fwrite( $fh, $export );
	if ( false === $res ) {
		return false;
	return fclose( $fh );

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