Block Specific Plugin Guidelines

Guide to submitting plugins to the Block Directory The goal of the Block Directory is to provide a safe place for WordPress users to find and install new blocks. User Expectations Users will have a place they can go, both within their WordPress admin and on, where they can download and install blocks that […]

How to Internationalize Your Plugin

In order to make a string translatable in your application you have to wrap the original string in a call to one of a set of special functions. These functions collectively are known as “gettext.” Introduction to Gettext WordPress uses the gettext libraries and tools for i18n, but not directly: there are a set of […]

Add Your Plugin to the Block Directory

There are two main directory listings of block related plugins. Plugins that are only blocks Plugins that contain blocks A plugin can be listed in both, however there will be no benefit to your plugin SEO or ranking due to either. The only benefit to being a plugin that is only a block is that […]