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Pick any open issue or propose a new one, clone the repo, and give it a try! If it seems like a big scary project – don’t worry, the onboarding experience is pretty decent. If you ping me on Twitter, I’ll give you a private tour of the project.

What we can build together in the future
  • Testable, interactive documentation
  • Trying out WordPress right on WordPress.org
  • Previewing plugins and themes on WordPress.org
  • Decentralized WordPress on Edge and without central servers

Is WordPress Playground available in another language?

Yes! Although it requires some work at the moment. You need to tell Playground to download and install the translation files and one way to do it is using the Blueprints API. There is no step-by-step tutorial yet, but you can learn by reading the source of Playground+Translations plugin in Polish language (GitHub link).

Will wp-cli be supported?

Yes! Some commands already work if you include wp-cli.phar in the executed PHP code, and support for others is work in progress. The documentation will be progressively updated to reflect the progress.