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Block theme resources roundup

If you have been wondering how to learn everything you can about block theme development, then this post is for you. The links in this post have been collected from official WordPress sources and categorized to help you learn more about block themes and related topics.

Whether you build sites mostly from the site and styles editors or you develop bespoke and custom themes from the ground up there are always new things to learn. Read on to learn all about block themes.


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General block theme development

Interested in learning what block themes are and how to begin creating them? Start with these links that will cover the basics:

Gradual adoption of block theme features

It’s not always possible to change an entire workflow or process when a new feature is added. Here are some ways to add features to existing workflows a little at a time:

Theme file structure

Understanding the general WordPress template hierarchy is a key component of building a WordPress theme. These links get into the details of what you should know:

Templates and parts

Templates and template parts are at the heart of block themes. These links are a great way to learn more about these important files:

theme.json and style variations

With the small but mighty theme.json structure, you can control and refine the experience of the block editor. There are so many possibilities and things to learn. Here are some links to get you started:



Markup / selectors / custom CSS

At the end of the day, a WordPress site is mainly comprised of HTML and CSS. These links will get you up to speed on these topics:

Block patterns

With so many possibilities to create complex groups of blocks that can be placed quickly, using block patterns. It’s worth checking out these items:

Block locking

If you need to create a controlled editing experience, block locking may be the right thing to use:

Theme distribution

You’ve created your theme. Congrats! Now share it with the world. These links will get you on your way to submitting your theme to the WordPress theme directory:

But wait…there’s more!

Here are some additional block theme-related topics you might want to learn more about:

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