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Welcome to the WordPress Developer Blog

One of the big-picture goals for 2022 was to create a developer-focused site.  Since then, contributors have been working toward making such a site a reality.  Today, I’m happy to announce its beta launch.

What does it mean to have this type of developer-focused site? Is it news? Will it have tutorials? Code examples?

It’s a little bit of each of those things and more. In a way, it’s a hub for the WordPress extender community, a place where those who like to tinker with the nuts and bolts of the platform can share with and learn from each other.

Some initial types of content may include:

  • New features coming to WordPress.
  • Guides on best practices and techniques.
  • Tutorials that cover-specific use cases.
  • Broader concepts that guide WordPress development.

None of this is necessarily set in stone. True to the open-source way, the Developer Blog will likely be something that evolves over time. As we learn more and build more content, this resource will change based on the needs of the extender community.

Why is the Developer Blog needed?

The various Developer Resources handbooks provide a wealth of information that are crucial to the development of the WordPress ecosystem.  However, it only solves some of the daily problems that extenders face.  The handbooks are missing content, such as:

These are types of content that lend themselves more toward the long-form content of a blog.  However, there are more practical reasons for this new home for developers on WordPress.org:

  • Posts that detail updated or new APIs.
  • A way to subscribe to development-related updates.
  • A place to keep up with ongoing discussions.

Perhaps the most important reason for the Developer Blog is to have a central place for WordPress extenders.  Information can fragment across various sites, and developers spend valuable time seeking it out.  This blog is an attempt to provide a curated experience of the most important updates. 

For a deeper dive into how this project came about, see the initial proposal from February.  This was later followed by a proposed editorial process in July.  The process has been coordinated through the #core-dev-blog Slack channel.

Contributing and Feedback

This is a community project, and we are asking for volunteers to help create a great resource for all WordPress extenders.  If you are interested in contributing, please read the How to Contribute page and join us on the #core-dev-blog Slack channel.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

Props for content and peer review @bph @greenshady @cbringmann


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