wp cli alias <command>

Retrieves, sets and updates aliases for WordPress Installations.

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Aliases are shorthand references to WordPress installs. For instance, @dev could refer to a development install and @prod could refer to a production install. This command gives you and option to add, update and delete, the registered aliases you have available.


# List alias information.
$ wp cli alias list
@all: Run command against every registered alias.
  user: wpcli
  path: /Users/wpcli/sites/testsite

# Get alias information.
$ wp cli alias get @dev
ssh: dev@somedeve.env:12345/home/dev/

# Add alias.
$ wp cli alias add @prod --set-ssh=login@host --set-path=/path/to/wordpress/install/ --set-user=wpcli
Success: Added '@prod' alias.

# Update alias.
$ wp cli alias update @prod --set-user=newuser --set-path=/new/path/to/wordpress/install/
Success: Updated 'prod' alias.

# Delete alias.
$ wp cli alias delete @prod
Success: Deleted '@prod' alias.


wp cli alias add

Creates an alias.

wp cli alias delete

Deletes an alias.

wp cli alias get

Gets the value for an alias.

wp cli alias is-group

Check whether an alias is a group.

wp cli alias list

Lists available WP-CLI aliases.

wp cli alias update

Updates an alias.

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