@wordpress/library-export-default-webpack-plugin Edit

Webpack plugin for exporting default property for selected libraries which use ES6 Modules. Implementation is based on the Webpack’s core plugin ExportPropertyMainTemplatePlugin. The only difference is that this plugin allows to include all entry point names where the default export of your entry point will be assigned to the library target.

Note: This plugin requires Webpack 4.0 and newer, and is not compatible with older versions.

Installation Installation

Install the module

npm install @wordpress/library-export-default-webpack-plugin --save

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Usage Usage

Construct an instance of LibraryExportDefaultPlugin in your Webpack configurations plugins entry, passing an array where values correspond to the entry point name.

The following example selects boo entry point to be updated by the plugin. When compiled, the built file will ensure that default value exported for the chunk will be assigned to the global variable wp.boo. foo chunk will remain untouched.

const LibraryExportDefaultPlugin = require( '@wordpress/library-export-default-webpack-plugin' );

module.exports = {
    // ...

    entry: {
        boo: './packages/boo',
        foo: './packages/foo',

    output: {
        filename: 'build/[name].js',
        path: __dirname,
        library: [ 'wp', '[name]' ],
        libraryTarget: 'this',

    plugins: [
        new LibraryExportDefaultPlugin( [ 'boo' ] ),

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